The question on some late dismissions fully stated

by Friend to the army and the constitution

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Other titlesCase of an officer lately dismissed &c., Conway"s dismission truly stated
StatementBy a friend to the army and the constitution in answer to An address to the public, &c. ...
ContributionsForce, Peter, 1790-1868, former owner, Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress), Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
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**REPRINT** The question on some late dismissions truly stated. In answer to An address to the public &c. [Friend to the army and the constitution ***NOTE: THIS IS A PRINT ON DEMAND VERSION FROM THE ORIGINAL BOOK***] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

**REPRINT** The question on some late dismissions truly stated. In answer to An Author: Friend to the army and the constitution ***NOTE: THIS IS A "PRINT ON DEMAND" VERSION FROM THE ORIGINAL BOOK***.

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